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Deploy Gluu Server in Weeks Minutes!

Start 7-Day Free trial of Sennovate+ and experience the full potential of Gluu in minutes!

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We currently provide IAM services for:

Setup & Use Gluu IAM Solution in Minutes

We are currently beta testing our service offering. Sennovate is a proud partner of Gluu and helps enable a seamless IAM setup for organizations of any size.

Setup and run an IAM solution in minutes!

With Sennovate+ you can get up and running with a Gluu instance in less than 10 minutes saving tons of time in configuration and integration.

Manage and Maintain all your identities at one place

In a Gluu server you can easily manage identities, assign roles and manage application access of users.

Setup SSO,MFA and integrate existing Active Directory or an LDAP directory service.

You can seamlessly setup SSO, MFA and even connect an existing Active Directory or an LDAP directory service.

Reduce Identity and Access Management Costs

Sennovate+ offers Gluu - An identity management platform, which is quick and cost effective. With Gluu you can use a wide range of features involving:

Setup SSOIntegrate MFADirectory IntegrationCustom App IntegrationSocial Login
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Sennovate+ enabling faster adoption of Open Source IAM

With Sennovate+ we want to bring IAM technologies to the masses and make it easier to get up and running with IAM solutions

Sennovate+ Plans

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Frequently asked question

01.What is the duration of the Trial?

The trial for Sennovate+ is available for 7-Day and allows access to our partner - Gluu's open source IAM solution that is available for the trial.

02.What does Sennovate+ offer ?

We Sennovate+ our aim is to help organization accelerate IAM adoption with tools and solutions that are tried and tested.

03.How are Gluu and Sennovate+ related?

Sennovate and Gluu are partners where we collaborate together and help organizations setup IAM security solutions. Sennovate+ is platform that enables easy access to using a Gluu server in just minutes.

04.How is Sennovate+ different from other solutions?

With other solutions you need a team of engineers and IAM experts to help develop, setup and maintain an IAM solution for your organization. With Sennovate+ we eliminate all the onboarding friction and help you setup an IAM solution in just 10 minutes.

05.How do I continue using the Product after my Trial ends?

After the 7-Day trial, you can navigate to the console and subscribe to the plan based on your requirements and continue using the service.

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